Ventilclima’s objective is to supply the most suitable solutions according to the level of comfort desired and the sustainable investement. Thanks to the strong willingness in constantly look for the customer satisfaction, Ventilclima has been consolidating an engineering system during the years, which is able to industrialize and to produce precise solutions in a very short time. Ventilclima takes care to the product development and production process.

Centrifugal fan coil units - AIR

Compact fan coil with low thickness, which is characterized by the perfect combination of design, efficiency, performance and the lowest sound emissions of all time, which allow this series to be placed at the top of the range.
Available in 10 sizes and 4 versions (M/MF/I/IF) with 3 or 4 row heat exchange coils for 2-pipe systems, 1 or 2 rows for 4-pipe systems.
A wide range of controls and accessories allows us to provide solutions for any installation requirement.

Cassete fan coil units - LIGHT

LIGHT is the innovative cassette fan coil unit characterized by a modern and minimalist design and a perfect combination of high performance, low noise emissions and a marked ease of installation and maintenance. In order to guarantee perfect climate comfort control both in cooling and heating mode, the front panel in the ABS version is available in three different configurations, including the versions with motorized louvers or manual louvers.

Wall mounted fan coil units - GALILEO

Perfect environment, energy efficiency, low noise operation.
Born from Ventilclima research and reliability, Galileo is the new wall mounted fan coil unit entirely developed and manufactured in Italy.
The reduced thickness of only 185mm and the masterful combination of materials as steel for frontal casing, ensure solid construction with great flexibility and customization options, together with a perfect linearity of the shapes.
Available with low consumption ECM Brushless motors.

Heat recovery units

High efficient and energy saving.
The EBF-SHE/HHE series of heat exchanger has been developed in order to guarantee a comfortable and healthy environment aiming for maximum efficiency, ensuring a high energy saving and relative reduction in operating costs.

The range consists of 6 sizes for the SHE / HHE series equipped with asynchronous motors and 8 sizes for the SHE / HHE-ECM series equipped with innovative brushless motors. The units are suitable for horizontal installation, with an air flow range from 320 a 4700 m3/h and recovery efficiencies up to over 90%.

New-generation comfort and efficiency.
DOUBLE-ECM incorporates, in a single unit of extremely compact size and a thickness of only 238mm, the part of thermal recovery with the part of the air treatment dedicated to heating, cooling with dehumidification and proper filtration while guaranteeing the operation in free-cooling and free-heating mode.

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