As one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of high quality fan coil units, Italian company Aertesi one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. Their units are a combination of quality and design, reliability and versatility. Their manufacturing capacity exceeds 100.000 heat exchangers a year.
Company ITS is a dealer and service provider for the unites manufactured by Aertesi with which it cooperates for over 20 years.

ZEFIRO Fan coil units

Aertesi fan coils are available in both ceiling and floor versions, with an easy installation and use.
Configurations for vertical and horizontal installation, AC and EC motors available, to be able to adapt for any place and surface.


  • VA - HA - Vertical and horizontal with movable grilles
  • VB - HB - Vertical and horizontal with front air intake and openable filter
  • VL - HL - Vertical and horizontal low version


  • VC - VD - VE - VF Concealed vertical with movable air intake
  • HC - HD - Concealed horizontal with movable air intake

AER Slim Fan coil units

Elegance, clean shapes and thinness makes it perfectly integrable in blind spots as well as in renovations.
Developed with DC engine technology, AerSlim works with low temperature generators (condensing boilers or heat pumps).

The new AerSlim Evo is an extremely silent solution designed to guarantee the well-being of a healthy sleep even in night mode


  • VB - HB - Vertical and horizontal with cabinet
  • VD - HD - Vertical and horizontal without cabinet

Cassette Fan coil units

New cassette fan coils for false ceiling installation with wall control or infrared remote control, fully customizable in color, in the style of the panel and above all in the easy regulation of the outgoing air flow.
The BREZZA cassette with Coanda effect is also available with brushless motors and is a valid solution for 2 or 4 pipe systems. The pleasant design adapts to the most sophisticated environments in which the needs of space and silence are the major constraints.
The KIT Valves and the electrical panel are arranged on the same side to make installation and maintenance easier.

Ducted units - SOFFIO and SOFFIO HP

The units of “SOFFIO” and "SOFFIO HP" series are ideal for small centralized and reduced height air conditioning system, with air distribution in the spaces by special ducts.

The new product range has a height from 300 to 375 mm and it has been developed with high quality components, making easier the installation, accessibility and maintenance operation by the final installer.

High prevalence fans are sized to provide 70 Pa of pressure at nominal flow for SOFFIO units and up to 150 Pa of pressure ant nominal flow for SOFFIO HP . SOFFIO and SOFFIO HP are available with single or double panels, horizontal or vertical with AC and EC motors. Accompanying the base unit there is a wide range of accessories.


  • VD - Vertical Version
  • HC - Horizontal Version
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