RC Group

Company RC Group is one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioning units in the world.
With its product line RC Group offers solutions for a number of completely different facilities; industrial processes (food industry, chemical and heavy industry), IT centres, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, hotels... !
Their extensive product line is specifically specialized for the needs of facilities that demand the operation of cooling units throughout the entire year.

For more than 50 years RC Group has been designing and manufacturing high quality solutions in the form of precise air conditioning and cooling units.
It is one of the global leaders in research, development and implementation of modern solutions and introducing new parameters for the operation of air conditioning systems.

All products of RC Group are:
• highly technological units
• units that provide high-density cooling
• units of high energy efficiency
• flexible and easy for use

The product line of RC GROUP includes:
• close control units of all sizes and purposes
• special air conditioning units for telekommunications
• chillers of various designs
• heat pumps and multifunctional units

RC Group is the first HVAC manufacturer that introduced CAD designing; it was also the first to introduce energy-saving free cooling systems, air cooled water chiller with oil-free centrifugal compressors and was the first in Europe to obtain the ISO9000 quality certification.

The quality, technology and the dependability of RC GROUP resulted in its merging with the technology giant Mitsubishi Electric.

ITS Consulting, as its exclusive dealer and service provider, offers 24 hour support for the RC units in the form of certified servicing network.


Apart form comfortable air conditioning, water chillers are also intended for food, textile and pharmaceutical industry.
In its product line, RC Group offers air-cooled chillers with a selection of axial fans and plug fans and water-cooled chillers that can use dry-coolers for water/energy saving (free cooling).
For both types of cooling they use scroll and screw compressors and oil-free turbo compressors.

Free cooling systems (natural cooling) represent a significant segment of the RC product line. Due to their high rate of energy saving, they are used in units that operate all year round and are most frequently used in industrial facilities and IT air conditioning.

Some of the series we offer are the following: SMART, UNICO, PIYXIS, GLIDER, MAXIMO, FRIGO, NEMO, MANTA, TURBO FREE.

IT air conditioning

Close control units guarantee precise control of the temperature, moisture and air purity in modern, sophisticated and highly technological installations and allow optimal environment for the operation of electronic equipment.

Close control units, IN ROW systems and IN RACK systems are intended for IT centres with the distribution of air upwards, double floor and blowing across the front grid with the possibility of equipping them with the BLDC inverter compressor. Close control units can be equipped with axial fans and plug fans.

The offer also includes air-cooled condensers and dry-coolers, as well as compact cooling units for telecommunication; MARK, ENERTEL, ENERGY SPLIT.
Chillers in combination with air-cooled water chillers with the free cooling system, allow for a maximal saving of energy.

Heat pumps and multifunctional units

Multifunctional water chillers and heat pumps are appropriate for installations in supermarkets, business centres, banks, public offices, airports, hospitals, hotels...

Of the aircooled heat pump liquid chillers in our product offer we recommend:

• SMART (4 kw to 60 kw)
• REVERSO (19 kw to 333 kw)
• PYXIS HP (120 kw to 930 kw)

Of the watercooled heat pump liquid chillers in our product offer we recommend:
• NEMO (5 kw to 30 kw)
• MANTA HP (25 kw to 820 kw)
• MANTA WP (kw to kw)
• FRIGO SCREW (kw to kw)

Of the air-cooled multifunctional chillers in our product offer we recommend:
• MULTIPLO (22 kw to 222 kw)
• TRILOGY (45 kw to 212 kw)

Of the close control units for commercial use that are available in our product offer we recommend:
• NEXT P DX (6,5 kw to 100 kw)
• NEXT P DW (7,5 kw to 117 kw)

50 years of experience

RC Group is one of the global leaders in the research, development and implementation of modern air conditioning solutions.
As a result of 50 years of designing and producing highly technological solutions of utmost quality, RC became the main stream in terms of introducing new parameters for the operation of air conditioning systems.

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