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Textile ducts Texair. The names used in practice for textile ducts are: textile diffusers, textile ventilation and fabric air ducts. Texair is a company that has been working in the HVAC sector (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) for many years and produces air socks (ducts) for air distribution. More on Texair

Types of fabric:

Types of fabric by facility categories:

Assembly methods

Example of air duct assembly works on a mono-track cable:

Air ducts installation

Textile ducts are supplied with all suspension material for proper installation. 4 basic principles of installation of textile ducts that are most common on the market, with other possibilities:

  • Duct installation on a single cable
  • Duct installation on double cable
  • Duct installation on one or two profiles
  • Duct installation on ceiling and wall with two profiles

Choice of duct color

Tex-Lti and Tex-Sti materials are the most widespread and are used in most projects. They are available
in 12 color options, although customers mainly prefer white and bright-grey. in addition to a wide range of colors, Texair uses innovative solutions for space heating and cooling, such as membrane diffuser.

Choosing the air duct shape

Textile air ducts can be make of different geometric shapes, such as circular, semicircular, segment as well as triangular and rectangular cross-section. Texair also makes textile fittings and adapters to simplify duct installation.

Textile ducts application

Textile ducts are used in various industries and facilities such as:

  • Food industry
  • Wood industry
  • Sport facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Malls
  • Office facilities
  • The greenhouse business
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