Thanks to our vast work experience (more than 30 years), we are always able to provide our clients with a complete proposal for the solution of a given project.
We are proud of our solutions for various types of facilities; food industry, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry and especially IT industry, but also business centres, banks, public offices, airports, hospitals, hotels...

We perform the selection of suitable equipment, supervision of works in cooperation with the contractor and the commissioning of units.


The delivery of units in our offer is reliable and meets the agreed delivery date.

RC Group chillers are delivered in approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the order is submitted, Ventilclima units are delivered in one week to ten days, while Prihoda fabric ducts are delivered in 3 to 4 weeks after the order is submitted.
The units are always delivered to the agreed address.


When required, we also perform the installation of all delivered units.


Our certified network of technical support is available 24/7 during the entire year, which allows us to offer professional and fast support in the shortest time possible.

Our team of experts travels to Italy to our partners’ production facilities every year in order to attend additional trainings on the handling of units, as well as to learn about the novelties in the development of air conditioning technology.
They also travel to the Czech Republic to the Prihoda factory every other year in order to attend seminars on the development, installation and maintenance of fabric ducts.


Thanks to our continuous, high quality cooperation with our partners and our clients, we are able to deliver the requested spare or additional parts in the shortest possible time.

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